Plastic Minnow Traps

Plastic and celluloid minnow traps were created to try to improve on the undesirable qualities of glass. Glass minnow traps were easily broken and had to be handled carefully. Since about 1915, with the invention of the Getz'em pyralin trap, there have been many companies that made and sold traps made of celluloid, "K-resin", "tenite", and plastic. This is by no means a complete collection, and we are always looking for other plastic traps for our collection. Enjoy the pictures. (A quick list is at the top if you don't want to wait for the thumbnails to load)

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Getz'em Hydro-Jet
Camp Royal
Ketch-Mor Mo-Mees
The Minner Trap Unknown #1
The Crazy Pail Old Pal
Magic Bait The Singer
Trophy The Beacon