The Orvis Traps

Around 1885 the Orvis company started marketing a glass device used to catch minnows. Other than the glass wine bottle traps in Europe, this was the first example of a glass minnow trap, certainly the first one in America. The original design used a swing-away lid that clamped on to the front opening of the jar. There were two types of lids used on these; a 9-hole lid like the  example below, also used on the Hawco traps, and a 6 or 7 hole lid, of which I don't have a good example. Later, probably in the 1930's (?) a screw-on lid was used, but the basic design remained the same until it was discontinued sometime in the 1960's. The Orvis design was sold to the Stream and Lake Tackle Company in the 1970's and is still being made today, basically the same.( See Stream and Lake Traps )

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